Earth Essentials mission is to provide therapeutic and effective health care products that work. Believing that nature provides us with everything to restore, nourish and ultimately heal.

Earth Essentials Product Range


  • Embracing the purest and highest therapeutic quality ingredients with no additives
  • Organically sourced where possible
  • Down to earth natural skincare using what nature has provided in plants
  • No nasties only natures garden
  • Manufactured in small batches in order to maintain effectiveness
  • Our belief is to enrich the lives of others by providing a therapeutic and effective range

Dandelion Symbolism


  • Yellow (flower) Yellow is symbolic of communications, clarity, intelligence, vibrancy, healing, growth and joy.


  • White (puffball) White is symbolic of clarity, purity, cleansing, spirit/soul, space new beginnings.
  • Green (leaves/stem) The green represents mother earth, and all things like grounded-ness, wholesome, growth and the nature of life.

The element of the dandelion is air as the seeds are blown into the breeze. Air is symbolic as thought and communication.

What kind of “thought-seeds are you planting?”