My background began in Beauty Therapy, Aromatherapy and Holistic Health 30 years ago and uses these skills to best support my clients. I worked at West Auckland Hospice for a number of years as Co-ordinator of Complementary Therapy. Within this role I began applying the principals of aromatherapy working alongside the medical and social teams to assist patients, families and staff with symptoms of ; pain, anxiety, circulation, skin conditions, and sleep.

The results spoke for themselves when I was asked for another ‘brew’ as they became known. The patients were very grateful and appreciative to receive the healing benefits from a holistic and natural approach. With these results in mind I then felt the need to offer others the opportunity to experience the therapeutic and healing properties of Essential Oils and thus developed my product range.

I offer personalised consultation for any health concerns and will make a product to meet your needs.

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Please feel free to make an appointment to have a personalised consultation. I can make a product to meet your specific health needs.