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The clinic is located in Waimauku down a private road nestled in a quiet calm country setting surrounded by the sounds of nature.


Experience the wellbeing benefits of an Earth Essentials Massage.  Bring balance and calm to your busy life with a Relaxing Massage while experiencing the benefits of Earth Essentials own Keep Calm product.

Deep Tissue Massage is offered to bring balance and realignment for deeper treatment using Inflame-eze blend of Earth Essentials oils to heal and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Anyone who exercises or plays sport will know that the benefits of stretching and targeted massage greatly promotes recovery time that’s why Earth Essentials Fire up product used with a Sports Massage will get your body back to full mobility quicker.

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Hair Removal Services

Permanent Hair Removal

This is a safe proven method of hair removal for most areas of the body including face, abdomen, thighs, breasts and legs.

Unlike shaving, our waxing services remove hair from the root, so hair takes longer to grow back and won’t grow back prickly, instead softer and lighter over time. Book a consultation now. You can have almost any area of your body waxed, including your bikini, legs, arms, underarms, and feet.

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