Our skin absorbs all that is applied to its surface and this reflects in the harmony, wellness and balance of ourselves.   Earth Essentials is “down to earth” natural skincare using what nature has provided “Plants”. Utilizing the essence of flowers, tress, herbs and grasses in the way they were all intended to be used. No added ‘nasties’ only the purest and highest quality ingredient to achieve the finest result.

An eco-certified preservative is used throughout the range. Each product we make is harmoniously and ethically made with respect to the plant energy and essences. Our products are handcrafted with care and integrity to nourish the soul, nurture the body and mind and evoke the senses.

Our belief is to enrich the lives of others by providing therapeutic and effective skin and body care that are designed to work alongside healthy living, to inspires and invoke balance and harmony.

Energetic Clearing Body Mists – use pure essential oils to soothe, revive and energize to restore and renew your energy.

Spray two or three applications onto your skin and notice the difference.

Soothe Body Mist – soothes, revives and relaxes the body and mind while hydrating and nourishing the skin.  Beneficial when you need to freshen up as well as cool down in times of anxiousness and worry. Can be used as a skin toner after cleansing. Use two or three mists to the affected areas.

Uplift Body Mist – revives, renews and energizes your body and mind while refreshing, hydrating and cooling your skin. Beneficial for tired and achy feet, neck and shoulders. Use two or three mists to the affected areas.