Adrenal Support

Stress and nervous tension has an active role in our lives and we need to be aware of its effect and responses it takes; therefore attention and support need to be undertaken.

This unique blend was formulated to re-establish balance through these stressful times and situations. The relaxant, calming and cleansing properties assist to unwind the world-weary senses and encourage restorative and harmonizing process.

This original blend has components that integrate the nervous system to support natural calm and mental quiet.

  • Cedarwood to consolidate strengthen and stabilize
  • Lemon invoking mental clarity and emotional cleanse
  • Basil for assimilation of being overloaded and the need to integrate
  • Lavender to support the para sympathetic nervous system
  • Geranium to balance and harmonize.

For quick and easy application apply to the pulse points. Keep Calm


Work Stress Management

In a working environment where tensions are apt to rise. Use it to support a calm and positive attitude for productive focus.

Personal Stress Management & Relaxation

This blend can help to re-establish balance. If you are prone to stress or living through a stressful situation, use it to ease tensions and create a sense of tranquillity. For rapid effect apply to pulse points and nape of neck.


All the benefits of this blend can be harnessed for a therapeutic massage treatment.

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