Arthritis and Joint Relief

Arthritis and Joint damage is a debilitating and painful condition which is often difficult to manage. Mobility is a muscle tonic to assist with these conditions. It incorporates anti-inflammatory and soothing properties with deep penetrating joint and muscle food repair.

Support is focused on healthy circulation and joint mobility, as well as natural healing responses needed for recovery from injury and strain, joint-specific conditions and restorative body work.

Massage will help support optimum circulation and mobility, to help counter painful stiffness and restore energy.

Mobility helps support efficient healing to deter prolonged pain and inflammation in traumatized joints. This will enable more mobility, agility and flexibility in the joints and connective tissues.

Oils include:

  • Infused Kawakawa for inflammation and pain
  • Thyme to assist and support the immune system
  • Juniper Berry to cleanse and detox
  • Rosemary for circulation and pain relief
  • German Chamomile anti-inflammatory soothes muscle and joints and pain reliever.
  • Kunzea muscular and joint aches and pain
arthritis & joint care