Use pure essential oil Mists to uplift, refresh, balance, energize, calm, restore and rejuvenate.

All that is required is two to three sprays into your working or living space to bring about ambience and atmosphere.

Select from the three choices:

Purify    refresh > uplift > renew >

To refresh, uplift and expand your energy; particularly beneficial after a hard-days’ work, or when stress and emotions are high.   

Harmonize    balance > restore > renew >

To balance, restore and stabilize your space and place – creating clarity of mind, harmonizing emotions and bring about a totality of renewable strength and stamina.   

Tranquility    serene > peaceful > calm >

Creates calmness, peace and restfulness to any environment either at home or work as well as at meditative time. When the day’s toils and tribulations have left their effect on you and your body feels overwhelmed and fatigued Tranquility Mist will bring about serenity and comfort.

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