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Essential Oils

Earth Essentials offer a range of body care, therapeutic and effective health care products at an affordable cost.

Our products are designed to work alongside healthy living, to inspire and invoke balance and harmony.

Each product we make is harmoniously and ethically made with respect to the plant energy and essences.

Our products are hand-crafted with care and integrity to nourish the soul, nurture the body and mind and evoke the senses.

As a school teacher my day can be rather hectic at times but using the Body Mist Soothe allows all of the worries of the day to disappear. Its fragrancy is delicious.

Penny Jones
I have terrible cracked heels and I am always barefooted. I have tried different creams over the years but none have worked so quickly as the Skin Relief cream from Louise. Very happy with this product and will continue to use it.
I was terribly affected with shingles on my back, covered in a red nasty rash and the pain was excruciating. I had a consultation with Louise and she made a healing balm that was a life saver.
The pain diminished and the redness calmed down within days. Very impressed, a truly gifted lady.
Terrence Hutchinson
I was looking for a new facial moisturiser and started using Essential Face. The consistency and texture is like whipped cream, glides on easily and feels beautiful. I am not the best sleeper but the essential oils in this product enabled me to have the best sleep ever, which is something I wasn’t expecting from a face cream. Highly recommend.
Susan Rudd
I think these products are great..
David Partis